Vancouver and countdown to leaving.

We awoke to another breathtaking day as we have been so lucky with the weather with really only 2 wet days. Today we booked a scenic flight in a float plane hoping to drop down into one of the high range lakes high up in the mountains not accessible by road. We had a fantastic time although we couldn’t land at Lake Lovely Water as the wind was against us and too strong. We flew over high ranges and snow and Ice left from last year before the pilot flew on to another lake called Indian Inlet where he did put down on the water for a 20 min break to stretch our legs on the planes float and taking pictures. The call of the water was too great for Ian and he took another one for the team and jumped in. He said it wasn’t as cold as Telegraph Cove but that didn’t convince Tom to follow him in.

We had dinner at the Top of Vancouver revolving restaurant which is some 450 feet up and has amazing 360 views and we had window seats and saw a beautiful sunset. Awesome.

Great way to end a great day and our visit to Canada and Alaska.

Tomorrow is a lazy day with shopping and a long lunch planned at English Beach before catching our flight back to Australia at midnight.

Kamplon and on to Whistler

A very wet drive down to Kamploon and as we didn’t have to rush we stopped off at a couple of places on the way down, one was a set of frapids and the other the next biggest Ski resort after Whistler called  Sun Peak where we had a bite to eat before continuing our driv in the rain. We past through some of the damage caused by the fires a weeks ago but the regrowth had already began.

We decided to go the the local minor Ice Hockey game between the Kamploon Blazers and Kelowna Rockets. Schoolboys but nothing held back great fun and very fast. Unfortunately the Blazers lost after being level after extra time and a shootout decided the match.

The next morning after  a lovely breakfast at out B&B we set off to find highway 99 and the back way into whistler. Great drive and shorter than we had originally though. We were going to stop off on the way but decided we’d seen enough falls and headed straight to Whistler.

A truely amazing town and no wonder people love coming here. Absolutely full of Aussies and whilst the snow isn’t here yet its full of mountain bikers and everyone is preparing for the big white. We’ll definitely come back and have a ski.

Mount Robson Day 2

Well today was a hoot. Woke to rain and through our intended ATV (All terrain vehicle) trip into disarray as we didn’t want to get covered in mud.

We decided to head for a nearby town called Valemount 30 odd klms down the road. Before we got there we stopped at the George Hicks Regional Park and the chinook salmon hatchery. We were about 3 weeks late as all the salmon has laid their eggs and after that the adults die. We then headed into Valemount Hmm!! Lots of promise. We did stop at a place where the owner realised as Australians we would not buy anything as it was all wood and like stuff. Anyway the banter was good his partying shot was said in jest with a smile we think ( well if you’re not going to buy anything get on your way)

We did the only thing left we headed to the cafe near the Mt Robson visitor for a coffee yep the only reasonable coffee around. Arrived behind 4 bus loads of mainly aussie tourists very painful sorry.

We headed back to the lodge but not before trying to find the path to the Little lost Lake. We found it and Ian San and Tom headed bush bear bell in toe. Yep yet another lake but we needed the walk.

We returned home around 4 ish to settle in to a quiet night Ha Ha. The power went off around 4.30pm and the owner we didn’t think was prepared. No generator although luckily Ian had made a curry we could heat on the BBQ .  It was getting cold so we fired up the fire We had to move the BBQ as it was pouring so we opened a red to get us through. Just as the food was ready the power came back on. Whatever!! Great meal need to get Ian’s recipe.

Next couple of days are driving days to get back to Vancouver for our last hurrah.

Mount Robson.

We awoke to a very smokey horizon. There’s a fire somewhere in them hills. Not to be daunted we set off for the Mt Robson visitors centre which was quite an amazing place. San picked up a number of brochures with activities set for the day.

We jumped in the dodge and as we left the centre we thought we’d drive up to the Kinney lake car park just for a look. That turned into a 10 klms hike. An easy meander along a well defined footpath alongside the Robson river. We walked the first leg of the walk to Berg Lake but thought the extra 21 klms to Berg Lake was a bit far just to see an iceberg.

The river was very fast flowing and you wouldn’t want to fall in. Ian braved the lake waters must have thought he was an AFL player. This water was definetley freezing the rest of us decided to watch.

Our wild life to that point today was very limited one small centipede. Tom saw a small marsupial pointed out by a German tourist and then said they had just seen a small black bear on the track just back where we had come from. YEH! YEH! Nup didn”t see it on our walk back. Maybe later.

After a good coffee we headed of to Rearguard falls on the Fraser River which is the highest salmon spawning river 800 klms from the Pacific Ocean. Only the biggest and strongest shinnooks make it this far.We didn’t see any salmon but the roaring falls where they jump through to spawn must have been the strongest I have seen anywhere in the world, makes the rivers in Scotland look like tame streams. Awesome viewing though. 

Just below the falls where some rapids with 4 groups suited up for white water rafting. Hope no-one fell in cool to watch.

San and I headed off bush later in the afternoon to find our elusive black bear but no luck but we’ll keep trying until we find him.

We finished off with a beaut BBQ before hitting the sack. 


On to Mount Robson

As we had plenty of time to drive from Jasper to Mount Robson we decided to back track 30klms and go and see the Athabasca Falls. Was worth it, really awesome. We headed back into town to buy our supplies for our next 3 day stop at Carriage house Mt Robson Park. Before leaving we had lunch at the Jasper Brewers and the obligatory ale.

After a short drive of 1hr we arrived but not before doing a uueee to back track and see an Elk that was crossing the river. Well spotted Ian. That was really cool. As we were travelling up the heat or fire haze was very evident hopefully disappears overnight fingers crossed. The lodge is a great place has everything we need except a bottle opener and Champagne glasses as the girls had ordered Verve. We borrowed some glasses from the owners and as for opening beer bottles we used our heads anything opens a bottle of beer when you’re thirsty. 

When we looked at what we had purchased for 3 days maybe we were a bit over cautious never mind Tom made sure the wine would last this time as well. He’s still getting ribbed about the last night in Alaska.

Looking forward to the next few days.



After a lazy start we headed for another gondola this time to take us up to Whistlers Summit. The ride only had 2 gondolas but was not too busy. Once near the top we alighted and walked the last 1.2klms up to the summit. Tom and Sandy stopped at the false summit but the intrepid duo Tarina and Ian walked the last 200m to the top.

 We headed down and had a bowl of Poutine (chips and gravy) which was yummy whilst waiting for Tarina and Ian to walk down.

We headed to Maligne Canyon after that which was quite stunning even though they had little rain fall the waters were running fast and carving there way through the canyon.

Gathered more supplies as Tarina and Ian were putting on a surprise dinner. Turns out 2 great Pizzas on the BBQ were the order of the day and they bought all the ingredients at a local restaurant who found this quite strange but a giggle. No prize for guessing whose glass was empty. Tom’s and San’s turn to make dinner tomorrow.


Onto to Jasper 

We left Canmore ahead of schedule this being the Canadian Labour day weekend. We were surprised at the lack of traffic but didn’t care.

On our way to Jasper there was one thing we just had to do. Lunch at the Fairmont Chateau on Lake Louise. The one in all the adverts. Well as for parking we drove straight up parked under the chateau and because we had lunch didn’t pay for parking. Couldn’t understand why everyone else parked miles away.

We bought a Tattenger for the girls (and us) and enjoyed a beautiful lunch follow by a slow walk around the lake. Surreal.

After our walk we continued our drive through the Columbia Icefield and past amazing sights like the Athabaskan Glacier, icefield tent, tangle falls, sunwapta falls and many more on our way into Jasper where we arrived around 6.00pm. We bough some supplies in town before heading to out lodge at Patricia Lakes about 5 klms beside Parucu Lake.

We finished the day with a great BBQ and the obligatory red.


We stayed at a lovely town called Canmore about 30 mins past Banff as it was a long weekend and although Sandy tried accomodation in Banff it was already full. That turned out to be a bonus as the AirB&B we had was magic and right in town. The town was also having a Highland games that weekend and although we said we’d go we were too busy. At least we heard the bagpipes.

The next day we awoke to a perfect clear day so changing plans we headed straight for the Banff National Park and the Gondola.

We were told we wouldn’t get a park and would have to park and get a shuttle bus the last 5 klms. Aussies being Aussies we drove right up to the parking bays next to the gondolas and snagged a park. Ha Ha.

The Gondola ride was cool and the visitors centre was really good and very informative. We had a great time and spent hours up there just chilling. We came down and went back to Canmore to roam the streets before enjoying a cool Italian meal to finish our day.


Off to Banff 

The next day was a full driving day and also a long weekend so we had plenty of traffic. Roads were good although there were bush fires along the way and the fire haze was very evident. We stopped at Revelstoke for lunch before keeping going and arriving around 6.00pm. We have covered about 2000klms since getting back to Canada so looking forward to slowing down over the next few days.

Back to Canada – Vancouver Island

We left early to get back to Anchorage to catch our midday flight picked up our car another Dodge before heading to our B&B near the ferry for our trip the next day to Vancouver Island. We had dinner at a local restaurant and watched part of the Fairweather fight which was on cable at the pub next door.

The next day we had an 8 hr drive to Hidden Valley Cove (which isn’t on th map) but is next to Telegraph Cove. We had 2 nights at  the lodge which was fantastic. That night whilst still light we saw a sea lion basking in the bay and then headed off to dinnner of crab, salmon again and steaks.

The next day started with some yoga followed by a hearty breakfast. Afterwards we explored a bit and drove to Telegraph Bay which was a few decade behind the times but perfect. Sandy and Tom went for a short near vertical hike on Dave torrent was to a lookout over the bay took 45mins up and only 20  down. Hoped we see a black bear but a no show. There was one at the lodge just after we had left in the morning but we didn’t see it.

After the walk Tom was hot and donned his togs for a quick dip in the lake (because it was there) Ian quickly followed . It was 40 degrees F (bloody cold) but we did a full submerge before a quick exit.

Had an early bite to eat because we had a 4 hr trip to our next ferry in the morning.

That day was a full driving day and we arrived at 6.00pm at our digs at Sanctuary on Vineyard B&B West Kelowna where we are staying for 2 nights.